Necklace Charms & Symbolism:

Baseball- For the athlete.
Basketball- For the athlete.
Bumble Bee- Symbolizes good luck, harmony, and bliss.
Bunny - Symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and luck.
Butterfly - Symbolizes change and happiness, joy, resurrection, and new life.
Cat/Cougar - Liberty, vigilance, and courage. Or choose for a school mascot, or cat lover
Cowgirl boot-For the cowgirl
Cross - Symbolizes one's commitment to their faith and religion.
Crown - Symbolizes power over one's own life, feelings, thoughts, and actions; self-control. Reminder to use power wisely and justly. Or choose for your little "princess".
Dolphin - Symbolizes innocence, purity, freedom and friendship.
Dragonfly - Symbolizes a wild and free spirit; power of light.
Eagle - Symbolizes strength, bravery, alertness, or one who is high-spirited. Or choose for a school mascot
Elephant - Symbolizes long memory, wisdom, and luck.
Fish - Symbolizes sensitivity and life.
Fleur de Lis - Purity, light
Flower - The embodiment of nature and concise symbols of the circle of birth, life, procreaton, death, and re-birth.
Frog - Symbolizes generation, re-birth, and fertility.
Gecko - Symbolic of overcoming challenges/obstacles by letting go & self protection.
Heart - Universal symbol of feminine, romance, and love.
Horse - Symbolizes independence, intelligence, and friendliness.
Horseshoe - Good luck.
Ladybug - Symbolizes delight, wishes, and trust.
Lion - Dauntless courage. Or choose as a school mascot.
Megaphone - For the cheerleader
Moon & Star - A dreamer; TWILIGHT fan!
Owl - Symbolizes wisdom, truth, and patience.
Paw - For the dog lover. Or choose for a mascot.
Peace Sign - Symbol of Peace, Harmony
- Symbolizes hospitality.
Puppy Dog - Symbolizes fidelity, loyalty, and trust.
Sand Dollar - Symbolizes good will and peace.
Seahorse - Power of the water.
Seashell - Symbolizes spiritual gifts.
Snowflake - Symbolizes uniqueness, one of a kind.
Star of David - Symbol of the "Shield of David"
Soccerball -
For the athlete
Star - Symbolizes hope.
Starfish - Symbolizes rebirth, equality and teamwork.
Sun - Symbolizes fertility, vitality, passion, courage, eternally renewed
youth, light, and knowledge.
Sunflower - Symbolizes one who is bright and cheery, bold.
Treble Clef - For the musician
Teddy Bear - For you little one
Turtle - Symbolizes honoring your creative source within yourself; truth; a fresh start.
Unicorn - Symbolizes all that is good and right in the world; you are kind, considerate and helpful to all people
Volleyball - For the athlete

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