Do you have a friend with a birthday or know someone who is moving?  Is she a new graduate or someone who has a special event coming up? A teacher that needs to be honored? If so, then you need to "Charm" her!
Give a one of a kind party and a gift that she will cherish forever! Help her create her own "mini-scrapbook" that represents special memories with her family and friends. You won’t find a more meaningful group gift!

 So here's what you do...
Get together with your friends, co-workers, classmates, or family members and each choose a charm that best represents either:  your feelings towards that person; a wish; or a story that reminds you of a special moment you shared together.  

You then have a "Get Together" or party with the "Charmed" individual and give her all the charms with a charm bracelet (see below), along with a note written by each individual as to what the charm means from you, which becomes a keepsake for them to cherish forever.  Each time they look at their bracelet, with all the little charms, they will think of all of you and the fun stories or wishes behind it.

I assemble and attach each charm to the bracelet with a complimentary split ring,  free of charge.
Make your next party a "Charming Party"!

***Click here for charm ideas and meanings.